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5 ways to build an effective model website

Modeling agencies are constantly looking for fresh talent. There is a growing number of youngsters choosing modeling as their career path. Increasing competition, increases the need for global visibility.

A printed portfolio might still help you in your in-person meetings. However, a modeling website will help you create footprints in the digital space, allowing you to reach an unimaginable number of creative people.

1. Theme

There are a variety of platforms out there that will help you build your model website. Picking a theme for your website is the most important step. It is advisable that you spend a good amount of time analyzing what you are committing to. The fundamental idea of picking a theme is that you do not have to rebuild items from the ground up. When you pick a theme, ensure you analyze the following parameters-

  1. The theme color matches your personality or niche - do not pick the gaudy colors when you personality is all about elegance

  2. The font is easy to read - stick with the standard fonts and do not go after the crazy ones that are hard to read

  3. The theme has a unique quality to it - you do not want to use what is popular in your industry

The above items are sure customizable. However, keep in mind that you do not want to spend too much time perfecting your website. Get yourself out there and keep making enhancements as you go. Your Go-To-Market strategy is of the essence.

2. Portfolio

Having a portfolio page on your site is the second most important item to look at. This is primarily where the visitors will spend the majority of their time on your website. This section of the website has to be strategically placed to showcase more images than content. This also calls for hiring a professional photographer and getting some high quality shots taken. Quality not just in terms of the image resolution, but also conveying the message that you want to send across. Displaying your work by category or titles is an attractive method. For example, representing your country, peace, hunger, equality, fashion, etc. This will automatically add to the amount of experience and dynamism you bring to your work.

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3. Resume

This is a must-have on your model website. You do not want to leave any stones unturned. Once someone has seen your work, it is likely they will want to contact you. Having a resume readily available on the website will work wonders for you. It is recommended to stick to the standard 1 page resume, unless you have a ton of experience that you want to showcase. It is vital that you list out your demographic information like name, age, gender, place of residence, email ID and phone number on your resume. If you have attended workshops, it will add value to your profile. This information combined with your experience is a sure-fire. This also makes it easier for people to refer you to auditions.

PRO TIP: Make the resume downloadable in pdf format!

4. Social Media & Contact Information

Social media is the tested way to get traction online. Social Media integrations like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Snapchat will ensure your visitors have access to your social media handles and thereby follow you. This improves what is called conversion ratio - the percentage of people that visited your website and surf around is beneficial to you.

Similarly, a simple Contact Us page can do wonders to allow people to leave their information so you can get in touch with them later. Both of these are channels for other people to interact with you and this is a great advantage of having a website for your career.

5. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the art of optimizing your website for keyword searches done on Google and other search engines. This is a journey and not a destination where you can sit back and relax saying your website is 100% search engine optimized. There is always scope for improvements on your website and accepting it is the first step towards taking this route. Some quick tips to keep in mind with regards to SEO -

  1. Have a social media presence

  2. Ensure the meta description is representative of the page’s description

  3. Have other websites linking to your website AKA backlinks

  4. Always have Alt Tags keyed in for images on your website. Everytime someone does a keyword search on the Internet, Google looks for these keyword matches across websites on the internet. So, choose wisely.

  5. Do not stuff keywords on a page. It is equally important not to overdo the keyword listings. SEO is more like a double edged sword, so play fair and play by the rules.

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