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How can businesses make a good impression online?

With the inception of COVID-19, the Commerce industry is seeing a lot of small and medium businesses spring up from the get-go. This has not only increased competition in the space but also redefined how to run a business online. In this write up, we will focus on 5 important items to ensure you have a great visibility on the internet and do not go unnoticed.

Product Data

Product Data is of utmost importance in the #eCommerce business. This being the core of your online model, needs to be well defined in order for customers to perceive it the way you want them to. Always remember that lesser data points = lesser chance of conversion. If you are selling fashion products online, be sure to talk about the entire spectrum of parameters AKA attributes for the product. For a tshirt, this could mean -

  1. Product Name

  2. SKU#

  3. Material

  4. Color

  5. Size

  6. Size chart

  7. Weight

  8. Description

  9. Images

  10. Videos

  11. Personalization attributes, if applicable

There are stores that sell t-shirts just by listing their name, color and size. However, by listing the additional parameters you are only increasing the average session duration. This not only gives them a sense of transparency, but also one less reason to visit another website.


This is a highly valuable section that is often overlooked by businesses. Implementing an FAQ page is one of the best ways to help users visiting your website. A lot of times, people tend to have questions like-

  1. What is the process like for returns/refund?

  2. How can I track my order?

  3. Do you support curbside pickup?

  4. How do you handle order fulfilment during Covid?

  5. How experienced are you with the services you are providing?

Always ensure the FAQs answer your audience’s needs and are updated on a regular basis. This could also stem from a feedback collected from customers that successfully placed an order on the website. We highly recommend spending a good amount of time on the FAQ page as this directly affects your overall SEO score and customer experience on the website.


Blog is an article or write up about a specific topic that is written in a professional or informal style depending on the nature of business. As a business, you rely on your customers to purchase your products or services. Investing your time and energy on blogs will help you grab the attention of potential customers that you would have missed otherwise. Some examples of blog topics for an accounting business are -

  1. Understanding the basics of finance

  2. Secure your financial position during Covid-19

  3. Strategies to maximize your 401(K)

Blogs are an easy way to improve visibility & promote your business on the internet. Frequency and quality of blog posts contribute directly to roping in new visitors to the website. Once this is setup as a lead generation tool, businesses can then focus on converting them into customers.

Reviews & Ratings

Reviews and Ratings are crucial to businesses that want to control their reputation online. This is an easy tool to understand what customers think about your products/services without having to reach out with a formal feedback form. A couple major benefits of using reviews system on your websites -

  1. Increased Engagement - Reviews & Ratings usually come with the option of adding comments thereby increasing overall customer engagement on the website.

  2. Create Customer Loyalty & Trust - Millennials tend to trust online reviews more than other forms of advertising

Using aggregated information over a period of time, businesses are able to redefine their products/service and provide a better quality of customer experience.

Live Chat

This is as important as any other parameter discussed in the blog. Live chat allows businesses to connect with their customers in real time thereby being able to improve their retention rate. This is equally beneficial for customers as they get their answers in real time, without having to go through the complicated/out-dated ticketing system.

When it comes to people, customers expect the same quick response they are used to getting from electronic equipment and technology.” –Shep Hyken

In the eCommerce domain, it is well known that the live chat boosts online sales. It is a misconception that the live chat is a heavy investment. There are apps in the marketplace like Olark, LiveAgent, LiveChat, Wix Chat. These chat applications come with a 24x7x365 phone, email, and chat support plus an extensive knowledge base. Having live chat agents 24/7 means you do not lose out on sales. This is very much sensible once your website serves as a lead generation tool - using LIVE chat means you are one step closer to optimizing your website for conversion rate.

A report says that 77% of consumers need to talk to a real person before making a purchase online. Looking at the report, it is clear how important live chat is for businesses.

If you are looking to enhance your existing website or build a new one, we hope this blog post guides you in the right direction. We at #CommerceAnts are running a COVID special campaign where we implement eCommerce websites for as low as $500 using #Shopify & #BigCommerce. Email us at for more information.


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